The Trans Pennine
Trail Path realignment
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Planning Consultation

The story so far...

As part of the section 106 agreement in relation to the housing development on Camberwell Drive, Peel L&P are responsible for delivering a footpath from ‘Walton Locks’ path connecting to the Trans Pennine Trail.

The main focus of this footpath is to provide users of the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT), a continuous offline section that links the two sections that straddle Chester Road with an underpass provided to allow users step free access underneath Chester Road and not have to use the existing steps.

The consented route (shown in Figure 1 below) was intended to be implemented before the Walton Locks housing development was constructed and home occupied. It is therefore considered to be a need to look at potential alternative routes due to the level of disruption implementing this consented scheme would now cause residents.

Additional routes are being considered as concerns were raised about the impact and disruption on both constituents and the natural environment of delivering the consented footpath. These include:

  • An estimated 6-8 months construction period, which would involve around 400 20m3 tipper truck movement and no clear compound area able to be identified on Camberwell Drive which would potentially require the road to be closed.

  • Two stage process for delivery of materials to establish an embankment. Once the first stage is delivered it will be monitored-there is a risk that if the settlement is not sufficient, more material will be required and the build programme will be extended. 

  • Serious concerns around the level of tree and habitat removal necessary to construct the embankment together with promoting use of an elevated walkway adjacent to water which would not be illuminated and health and safety risks associated with this Path route which abuts residential properties.

As a result of identifying the negative impacts discussions have been held with Warrington Borough Council Officers to understand what potential alternative solutions could be available to ensure Peel L&P deliver their S106 agreement. This would include discussions on how a better, less impactful scheme could be delivered by Peel L&P in co-operation with the Local Authority.

We have now identified two potential alternative routes discussed below and would like to gain a understanding from the local community which route is preferred through this consultation. 


Trans Pennie Consultation Arial Shot


  • 1 Morrisons
  • 2 Existing Trans Pennine Trail Paths
  • 3 Existing Walton Locks Path
  • 4 Bruntwood - Wilderspool Park
  • 5 St Werburgh’s Community Hub


Option One -
A variation of the consented route

This route is part of the original consented route which was secured through S106 agreement - (a legal agreement between Local Authorities and developers; linked to planning permissions and can also be known as planning obligations) linked to the David Wilson Homes development off Camberwell Avenue.

It would allow the lock structure to be crossed to access Camberwell Drive.

This route removes the continuation of the path along Camberwell Drive to reduce the impact on the nearby wildlife habitat within the Linear Park and the residents and the A5060. The design of the bridge is currently being explored and will be  made safe to satisfy Health & Safety requirements.

We have considered both the opportunities and threats to delivering this option. The path would provide an Offline pedestrian crossing under Chester Road (DDA compliant) and significant improvements to the TPT route.

There will be material imported to this area and vegetation clearance to deliver a surfaced path.

Although it is important to note that this would require 4 – 6 months construction period, consisting of 150 20m3 tipper truck movements to deliver embankment and no clear compound area for southern bank – significant impact on existing residents.

There are also some significant health and safety concerns around promoting the use of an elevated walkway adjacent to water which would not be illuminated and could exacerbate the existing anti social behaviour issues.

To construct the footpath a compound of c. 650 sq. m would be required to facilitate:

  • Material storage
  • Car parking
  • Welfare suite
  • Storage container
  • Equipment storage (Site vehicles etc)

The proposed location of this is outlined in red, this would encroach onto both the highway and the trees north of Camberwell Drive.

This would mean that parts of Camberwell Drive are closed, or under traffic management systems such as temporary lights, throughout the duration of the construction.

Figure 1 : Consented route
Option 1 Plan
Figure 1 : Consented route

Option Two -
Proposed Upgraded Route

This route will be an upgrade of the existing Trans Pennine Trail route which has narrowed over the years and has a poor surface, especially for wheelchair users and mobility scooters.

Our plans for this route would include resurfacing the path, providing a tarmac path up to a new bridge crossing under Chester Road. This would provide a fully offline connection of the existing Trans Pennine Trail.

Peel L&P would also seek to secure the area around the existing lock to prevent anti-social behaviour and trespassing which in turn will let the areas ecology flourish.

The construction period would be significantly lower requiring 2-3 months and there would be no significant material imported meaning the impact on residents is minimised.

There will still be the need for a temporary compound, with the location of this shown in the image below, outlined in red. This option would also limit the environmental impact.

Figure 2
Option 1 Plan
Figure 2


This consultation will last four weeks from 27th February to 27th March, seeking residents and users views on their preferred route. We have also completed a letter drop to the residents that will be directly impacted by the construction of either of these two routes.

Please provide your responses using the online survey – all the responses will help inform the detailed design of the scheme, which will be prepared following the closure of this consultation.

There will be a face-to-face consultation on 7th March, 5:30pm – 8:30pm at Priestley College, Loushers Lane, Warrington WA4 6RD

View online survey.

Figure 3: Left: Existing tarmac footpath looking west toward Chester road. Right: Further down the path, weathered from winter conditions.

Public Consultation Image 1
Public Consultation Image 2